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Minimum Requirements
(please see application form for details!)
Required Documents
Selection criteria
Applications (deadlines) / Financial Support
EMMS Student Mobility Handbook
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Minimum Requirements
(please see application form for details!)
A good first degree in Materials Science/Engineering and related areas, e.g. Physics or Chemistry. Certified proof of a thorough command of English (through e.g. IELTS with a minimum of 6.5 or TOEFL 550 paper based, 213 computer based, 79 internet based).

Required Documents
Documents to be provided together with the application form

If you wish to apply for admission to the Joint European Master’s Programme in Materials, you should send in the following documents by mail:

• Application form (completed and signed)
• Curriculum vitae / résumé
• Statement of purpose (max. two pages), including your reasons for undertaking graduate work in the chosen field
• Officially authenticated copy of Bachelor’s degree certificate or equivalent, including your aggregate mark or grade average and your overall rank in class, with explanation of grading system (maximum grade, minimum passing grade, etc.)
• Officially authenticated copy of complete university transcript of records (semester mark sheets), listing your subjects and grades
• If not a native English speaker: valid IELTS score report (or authenticated results of equivalent test). Further information is available at and
• Two letters of recommendation, submitted from faculty members acquainted with the applicant's work in the major area of undergraduate study. If that work occurred some time ago, recommendations from those familiar with the applicant's professional performance are acceptable as well.
For enrolment at UA
For enrolment at TUHH
For enrolment at UA

Candidates will be selected by the Scientific Committee of the University of Aveiro upon a proposal of the EMMS coordination committee.

The decision will be one of the following:

Unconditional offer - this means that you have been offered a place on the course of your choice and that you fulfil all requirements.

Conditional offer - this means that you have been offered a place on the course of your choice, subject to achieving certain conditions. Usually these conditions will relate to the achieving of a certain level of English language competency, or achieving a certain grade in undergraduate study, or securing funding.

Decline/Reject - this means that the Department is unable to offer you a place to study on the course or your choice.

Enrolment at UA will take place end of September. Courses start on the 6th of October.

If the documents are not in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese language, officially authenticated translations have to be added. Please note that authentication itself, too, must be performed in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese language.
For enrolment at TUHH

In addition to the documents mentioned above, you will have to provide

• a score report of the GRE General Test. The GRE institution code of TUHH is 8165 (no department code required). Graduates from European universities and holders of a DAAD or ERASMUS MUNDUS scholarship are exempted. Further information is available at

•an officially authenticated copy of university entrance qualification (general certificate of secondary education or high school leaving certificate or college diploma or equivalent, depending on your country's educational system, plus university entrance test result if applicable)

Chinese applicants must additionally submit the APS-certificate of the “Akademische Pruefstelle” of the German Embassy in Beijing (Landmark Tower 2, Office 0311, 8, North Dongsanhuan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing-100004, Tel: 0086-10-6590-7138/-7141, Fax: 0086-10-65907140, E-mail: Chinese applicants who hold a scholarship from DAAD or another recognized German scholarship organization are exempted from this requirement.

Candidates will be selected by TUHH professors specialised in Materials Science upon a proposal of the EMMS coordination committee.
Enrolment at TUHH will take place end of September. Courses start in the second half of October.

If the requested documents are not in English, French, or German language, officially authenticated translations have to be added. Please note that authentication itself, too, must be performed in English, French, or German language. In Germany, authentication can also be performed by the respective resident’s registration office („Einwohnermeldeamt“).

Should your final degree certificate and final year transcripts not yet be available, you are kindly requested to submit an official provisional degree certificate and transcript or an official letter of your registrar, dean, or academic supervisor, listing the remaining subjects and the prospective grades as well as the prospective final grade average.

Authentication of all documents will be accepted only if performed by a notary public, by the Embassy or Consulate in your home country, or by the institution that has issued the original document. (Secondary or intermediate school certificates authenticated by your university or vice versa cannot be accepted.)

Selection criteria
Selection timing

Eligibility check and assessment period: the eligibility is checked and between the 31st of January 15th February. Assessment is done locally. Finally, the representatives of the partner universities meet for a day on the last week of February for a final decision. Applicants should expect an assessment by EACEA weeks at the end of May.

Selection criteria

Applicant’s information in a numerical scale depending on the nature of the information to be evaluated is entered in a spreadsheet. For each numerical criterion a weight is attributed, and then a weighed average is calculated.
• Information / grading scale
• Final mark: 0 to 100
• Quality/recognition of home institution: (levels 1 to 3)
• Papers in the field of Materials Science (levels 0 to 3)
• Scientific communications in the field of Materials Science (levels 0 to 3)
• Research or Professional Experience in Materials Science or related field (levels 0 to 3)
• Letter of motivation (levels 1 to 3)
• Recommendation letters (levels 1 to 3)
• Finally, geographic coverage rules are applied following the principle of additionally imposed by EACEA i.e. maximum 25 % of applicants from each 3rd country and maximum 10 % of applicants from the same University.

Applications (deadlines) / Financial Support

Deadline for admission to the programme for all applicants: 31 May 2010.
Application forms and instructions are available under HERE

To accelerate the application process, the application form and scanned copies of the documents should be sent by email to: - applications to UA - applications to TUHH

Note that the applications cannot be fully considered without this form and documentation received by mail in one of the following addresses:

Serviços Académicos
Universidade de Aveiro
Campus Universitário de Santiago
P 3810-193 Aveiro, Portugal


Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH)
International Academic Programs – EMMS
D-21071 Hamburg, Germany

Further information / Enquiries:

EMMS, Instituto de Formação Pos Graduada, email: for information about Universidade de Aveiro


Office of International Academic Programmes at TUHH, email: for information about Hamburg University of Technology


To facilitate Visa application the EACEA issues a support letter together with information regarding the amount of the scholarship and the insurance.
Host institutions send an invitation letter to the student and a support letter ensuring help in finding accommodation.
When necessary, the host institution contacts embassies or consulates.


3000 € per year. This fee contains all local administrative expenses of the students and will be used to cover:

• Staff meetings
• Additional administrative costs of the participating university
• Establishing enhanced quality assurance mechanisms
• Promotion of the programme and marketing
• Other related costs
For reasons of simplicity of administration, all fees have to be paid to the Universidade de Aveiro.

EMMS Student Mobility Handbook

The Mobility Handbook was produced by the EMMSSA in order to provide the students an overview about the procedures involved during student mobility within the activities of the European Master in Materials Science (EMMS). Information about traveling and visa procedures can be found within this handbook.
Click here to download Mobility handbook (pdf)

Academic Calendar

1st Semester:
Beginning 24 of September/07
End 21 of Decmber/07
Christmas holidays 22 of December/07 a 01 of January/08
Exams 1st attempt 07 up to 18 of January/08
Exams 2nd attempt 21 of January up to 01of Febuary/08
2nd Semester:
Beginning 07 of Febuary/08
End 06 of June/08
Carnival holidays 04 up to 06 of Febuary/08
Easter holidays 17 up to 24 of March/08
Academic week 28 of April up to 02 of May/08
UA day 07 of June/08
Exams 1st attempt 12 up to 18 of June/08
Exams 2nd attempt 30 of June up to 11 of July/08
Marks/grades mapping 14 up to 25 de July/08
Thesis defence 09 of June up to 25 of July/08
Click here to download in pdf format
January Class and project exams and re-exams
February Classes and project work
March Classes and project work
April Classes and project work
May Project work and submission of the project report
June Class and project exams
July Holiday
August Holiday, class and project re-exams
September Classes and project work
October Classes and project work
November Classes and project work
December Project work and submission of the project report