A programme of excellence that has been included by the European Union into its ERASMUS MUNDUS programme scheme.
A two-year European Master Programme in Materials Science for degree-holders in Materials Science/Engineering and related areas e.g. Physics or Chemistry.
An International Master programme in Materials Science
An interdisciplinary Masters
Taught entirely in English
Qualifications and skills
Quality Assessment
Students Opinion

An International Master programme in Materials Science
The new Master programme is offered jointly by the Universidade de Aveiro in Portugal, Technische Universitδt Hamburg-Harburg in Germany and Aalborg Universitet in Denmark. It was developed as an exclusive toplevel programme that requires students to study in at least two of the three Universities in order to be awarded a Joint Master Degree. For its outstanding academic quality, it was selected by the European Union as an ERASMUS MUNDUS programme.
An interdisciplinary Masters
EMMS is an interdisciplinary Masters, integrating course units delivered by academic staff from three partner universities and leading guest scholars. Based on our longterm excellence in teaching and research, you will deal with the relationships between synthesis, composition, processing, structure, physical and chemical properties and the performance of materials in advanced technological applications.
Taught entirely in English
EMMS is taught entirely in English and aims to specialise you in the science and engineering of ceramics, metals, polymers and composites, with emphasis on a variety of subjects like materials for electronics, biomaterials, nanotechnologies, etc. In addition you will be able to choose from a number of electives including courses in local languages and European cultural studies.You will have a unique opportunity to experience the European business and industry cultures by means of compulsory work assignments/internships in leading companies.
Qualifications and skills
EMMS will allow you to gain much-demanded qualifications and skills. Upon successful graduation you will have acquired an outstanding Qualification Profile. In addition in depth knowledge in Materials Science, you will have obtained:

• Research skills and ability for independent analysis and synthesis,
• Strong aptitude to work in an interdisciplinary, multicultural team,
• Advanced ability to apply knowledge in practice,
• Enhanced fluency in English,working knowledge in two more European languages.
Research topics
• Polymer Nanocomposites
• Metallic Materials
• Biomaterials
• Advanced ceramics
• Materials for optoelectronics
• Multiscaling modelling

Quality Assessment
The course is officially recognised by the national ministries of Higher Education and independent agencies (TUUH; AAU ???; UA – in preparation).

The consortium is monitored by the EACEA via:
- clear definition and control of selection procedures
- analyses of detailed techinal and financial reports sent by the coordinator every 6 months.
- online questionnaires to the students
- random financial audits
- annual interview with coordinator
- occasional site visits

Internal assessment of course lecturers is carried out via confidential students’ questionnaires.

An advisory panel consisting of members from partner universities of ECIU and Industry assesses the course every two years.
Students Opinion
What do actual EMMS students think about their programme?
Orley Ferri, Brazil:
"After graduation, I want a job that would I find interesting, challenging and stimulating. Consequently the EMMS programme gave me the best opportunity to fulfil my dream."
Jie Gao, China:
"Studies and the life in the EMMS partner universities are significant, meaningful, unforgettable and attractive experience in my life."
Waqas Bin Najib, Pakistan:
"The different areas of expertise in material sciences that each university has to offer, gives a broad range of canvas to the students."
Adhitya Trenggono, Indonesia:
"In the middle of the course, I can say that it has already very much enriched my scientific abilities and my horizon and skills in interacting with people around the world. I think that this programme really facilitates mutual understanding between people."
Ricardo Chavez, Mexico:
"This is not only a big chance to improve my technical knowledge; it is also the opportunity to grow up as a person."
Nataliya Kalashnyk, Ukraine:
"EMMS is the best opportunity to receive international experience, learn foreign languages and create new scientific contacts."

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