EMMS Students Association





Website: http://www.emmssa.org/

The EMMS Students Association (EMMSSA) was founded in 2005. It is a non-profit, and student-run organization dedicated to improve and promote the status of EMMS students by systematically identifying and addressing their needs and concerns.
The EMMSSA shows itself as to be an indispensable part of the EMMS programme, through active participation of the students and alumni, that together with the Master Commission and he European Commission defines its competitiveness and attractiveness.
The EMMSSA supports a variety of objectives through its annual workshops and initiatives throughout the year, including:
• Building a contact network of the alumni and to encourage them to shear their knowledge and experience among themselves, the current students, and the master commission.
• Improving the communication between the current students, alumni and the master commission.
• Assisting in active experience transfer from the current students to the newcomers.
• Improving image and openness of the EMMS programme to the outside world.
The aim of this yearbook is to recollect the important moments and experiences that the EMMS students went through as a group. We hope that in the future, when you look at it, you will enjoy remembering places, people, professors, and all the nice experiences that were shared.
• 2004-2006
• 2005-2007
• 2006-2008
The Thesis EMMS Workshop is an annual event, organized by the EMMS students’ wing EMMSSA. Its main objective is to present the results obtained during the students’ theses, as well as, to promote/improve the contact and teamwork between students and scholars of the EMMS and eventually other related Erasmus Mundus masters.
• “A look into the future of materials science”
(class 2004-2006)
• “Promoting networking in materials science”
(class 2005-2007)